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Tegral OpenAPI provides definitions and host utilities for Kotlin scripting.


Tegral OpenAPI scripts are files that end in .openapi.kts. They have a readily accessible RootDsl and can use all of the features of the OpenAPI DSL

Here's an example of a file that defines a title, a version and a simple endpoint:

title = "My API"
version = "1.2.3"

"/hello" get {
description = "Returns a greeting"
200 response {
description = "A greeting"
plainText { schema("Hello World!") }

Consuming scripts

Scripts can be consumed in a few ways.


If you wish to load a script within your own Kotlin application, you will need the tegral-openapi-scripthost library. This library provides a OpenApiScriptHost object with relevant functions -- refer to the KDoc comments for more information.

Via a CLI

A CLI tool is available and allows you to convert your .openapi.kts script to a .json or .yaml file. Please refer to this page for more information.